Breakfast Book Tag

This tag was ceated by Kathy Trihardt on her booktube channel! As it says in the title, this combines breakfast food and books.

Coffee – hot but not scalding

This question refers to some sexy times going on, but not explicit like some romance novels/erotica. The Never Tilting World definitely fits this as the few sexy scenes aren’t explicitly described or fade to black.

Bagel – so good you can forgive the plot holes

I did enjoy Somebody Told Me even if I don’t talk about it much, but I really appreciated this book with a bigender protagonist and discussions of consent. That being said, no church would have their confessional share w wall with another structure especially one that shared a vent.

Cereal – best consumed quickly

Graphic novels! Specifically Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Search because you need to read all three parts at once, oh my god. All of the graphic novels I’ve read are choice, but this is the one I’d suggest you read because it answers questions regarding Zuko’s mom.

Toast – something that got a little dark

The Fever King starts with some heavy topics of immigration and xenophobia, but then it goes hard, and rips your heart out.

Oatmeal – a book that makes you feel nice and warm

This is an obvious pick, but Red, White, & Royal Blue is just fluffy goodness and had be grinning the whole time.

Juice – pick your favorite flavor and pick a book based on it’s color

Lemonade is a juice technically, so I’m going to pick Juliet Takes a Breath. It was previously published with a purple cover, but the yellow is clearly superior.

Egg/Tofu Scramble – as different ways to eat them as to live; name a memoir

Probably the memoir I love the most of Jonathan Van Ness’ memoir. It was very emotional and I loved the audiobook.

Fancy Pastries – a genre you don’t read all the time but love when you do

Historical fiction. It used to be my favorite genre of all time, but I’ve realized I haven’t read too much of it as of late.

Mimosa – getting into brunch territory, so name a book you are looking forward to

I’ve talked about Cemetery Boys a lot, so I’m gonna highlight the new Corinne Duyvis book, The Art of Saving the World. I was truly sad when I didn’t get my hands on an ARC, but Duyvis is probably top 10 favorite authors, so I need this book in my hands. It’s about parallel universes and the main character is an ace lesbian.

Breakfast for Dinner – tell us about something you like to eat for breakfast and about a book of your choice

I don’t eat this for breakfast every day/week, but I do love pancakes especially if there are chocolate chips.

I’m going to talk about this book that you need to read if you’re a fan of A:TLA because oh my god, this book blew me away and truly elevated Kyoshi.

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