My Rating System

For now I’m going to stick with explaining my whole number ratings and I may, in the future add what half stars mean. On the whole it means it was really on the edge between the two ratings so I split it down the middle.


Five stars- Phenomenal. Blew me away. Definitely recommending to everyone. If I don’t already own it I probably want my own copy.


Four stars- Really good, solid book. Had minor errors. Would definitely recommend to friends. If I own it, I’ll keep it.


Three stars- Okay. Either had some issues or was just an okay book.


Two stars – Didn’t enjoy it, but it had one thing I had to give it credit for.

One star- Absolute garbage. Either it was glaringly racist/homophobic/etc. or I just did not enjoy it at all. I want it out of my sight and mind immediately.