The Fever King | Book Review

*distant screaming*

TW: Violence, death, mistreatment of immigrants, underage drinking, drug use, epidemics, past pedophilia, off screen paternal abuse


This novel is half sci-fi, half fantasy, entirely wonderful. It takes place in an alternate future where the United States has been ravaged by magic and 5 small countries remain. 100 years after all the turmoil, our story begins.

This world was so unique. The magic system was based in science and the world was this mix of future and recovering from disaster.

Honestly, the “found footage” aspect, where before most chapters, there was some sort of information about life 100 years prior, really elevated the world-building.

My biggest gripe was there were some throwaway lines that made me want to know more. What were schools in this post-apocalyptic setting like, since Noam mentions dropping out. How are the political parties functioning with a chancellor?



So yeah, the characters really got to me. I only scream about Dara because that ending, but Noam was so complex and wonderful and imperfect, but you understood his motivations

Both were explicitly queer on page as well, with Noam stating he’s bisexual which was wonderful.

The Romance

I’m not going to comment too much, but sometimes I was like “They’ve barely talked why does it seem like they’ve loved each other for years” but by the last half of the book it was toe-curling, silent screaming goodness (with some angst on the side).

Current Issues

I’m so happy this YA book exists because this book deals with immigration, refugee crises, and protests. It was so well done, it never felt forced or anachronistic.

The Ending

Hwy would you do that to us???

The first 70% of the book was a solid 4 stars. The last 30% bumped it to 5 stars, maybe even breaking the charts to a 6 star rating, I don’t know, I was very emotional.

I’m going to call it 4 out of 5 stars. In my heart, it’s 5 stars, but there were aspects that prevented it from making it a 5 star read. But honestly, if I go back and read and really take it al in, I could totally see myself increasing the rating.

Have you read THE FEVER KING? What did you think? Let me know!

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