Three Kings | Book Review

I received an eARC from NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

Ethan Shaw—lighthouse keeper and local witch—lives a charmed life in his chilly, coastal hometown. Blessed with a flourishing garden and a stable livelihood, Ethan can’t complain. But when his husband, Captain Peter Vásquez, brings home a wounded leopard seal after an impromptu storm, Ethan is faced with a curious situation: caring for a lost selkie named Nico Locke.

As Ethan struggles with the possibility of being infertile, insecurities surrounding his marriage, and a newly formed magical bond with a hostile, handsome selkie, his comfortable life begins to fracture. But could breakage lead to something better?

With autumn at their heels and winter on the horizon, Ethan, Peter, and Nico test the boundaries of a new relationship, shared intimacy, and the chance at a future together.

Reviewing novellas is always a difficult task in an effort to avoid spoilers, so this review is going to be a little shorter than normal.

Ethan is a trans lighthouse keeper and witch and his husband, Peter, is a fisherman who one day, brings a wounded seal into their home, but Ethan can see the seal is actually a selkie. From there, these three men grow closer.

This book has great aesthetic! This small town that held the lighthouse was giving me overcast skies, salty air, and magic.

There’s a lot going on in this little novella; the established relationship between Ethan and Peter and their attempts to have a child, the new relationships with the selkie, and how the town sees Ethan as a witch. Also, there is a lot of pregnancy/fertility talk as well as some self-loathing because of presumed infertility, so if that is something that you can’t read, this book isn’t for you.

Plus, the sex scenes are particularly good. I love seeing romance books with sex scenes with trans men and Moon continues to deliver!

This is very much a me thing, but obviously, the romance moves pretty quickly which isn’t my favorite.

I rated this book 4 stars. If the religious themes of Moon’s other works intimidate you, pick this one up because you will not be disappointed in the magical, poly vibes of this book!


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