March 2022 TBR | ARCs, ARCs, and More ARCs!

I have played myself this month. Well and truly played myself.

I try to read ARCs the month they come out or very close to it. This mistake has lead me to having six ARCs to read for all of March/early April.

Will I learn from my mistakes? Of course not.

Of course, thanks to the publishers/authors/NetGalley for providing me all of these arcs. Just be prepared for a lot of review posts come March because I am going to try and be on top of things!

Bitter by Akwaeke Emezi

This is the only non-ARC I know for certain I’ll be reading this month. I preordered my copy of this book as it’s the companion/prequel to Pet, which was one of my favorite books last year, if not my most favorite. Instead of Jam, this book is about Bitter, Jam’s mother when she was a teenager and what her life was like.

This is the pick for the Enby Book Club in March! You can find more information on the book club here on Instagram!

Squire by Sara Alfageeh & Nadia Shammas

A YA fantasy graphic novel set in an alternate history Middle East! I don’t know much more about it other than the art updates are gorgeous!

The City of Dusk by Tara Sim

This is an adult fantasy having to do with gods and magic and queer characters. Really, all I needed to know is that it’s Sim’s adult debut and I was hooked. Her YA debut was okay, but I’m hoping I enjoy this a little more.

I’m also using this book as my Buzzword Readathon pick! This month’s word is “location” which is what a city is.

This Rebel Heart by Katherine Locke

I’m very excited for this one as I’ve been meaning to read from this author for a while. This book is YA historical fiction about the Hungarian revolution that happened after World War II and how a Jewish girl survives it. There’s a little bit of a fantasy element, which I’m okay with. I’m just really glad to be going back to my reading roots of YA historical fiction, especially set during a time and place I didn’t learn about in history classes!

Portrait of a Thief by Grace D. Li

I don’t think it’s too much to call this one of the internet’s most anticipated releases. You know those twitter posts and such about how people want a reverse Indiana Jones story, where artwork and cultural artefacts are stolen back from museums and given back to their original cultures from where it was stolen from? That’s this book.

This is an adult thriller about five Chinese-American college students who band together to steal back Chinese art from the museum that initially stole them. I am so excited for this one!

Shake Things Up by Skye Kilean

I am trying to continue at least one series this month! This book is in the same series/universe as Get It Right, a f/f novella I reviewed here!

This book follows Vivi’s sister, Allie, as she, her boyfriend, and Noelle, a new friend, as they take a road trip together! This is an adult poly romance and Allie and her boyfriend start the book already in an open relationship!

Ophelia After All by Raquel Marie

I was lucky enough to be approved for this advanced listening copy, so this might be the book I start first in March. Everyone has been raving about this YA contemporary about Ophelia, a high school senior questioning her sexuality and trying to keep her friend group together. I’m usually very picky with my YA contemporary picks, but I’ve heard only good things about this one, so I have good feelings about this one.

And that is my planned TBR for March! I’ll probably have one or two other audiobook read for my commute, but I’m not picking those right now. I’m already a little intimidated with this TBR (two of these books are well over 400 pages), so I’m going to mood read with my other audiobooks.

Are you anticipating any of these books? What does your March TBR look like? Let me know in the comments!

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