Get It Right | Book Review

I recevied an eARC from the author. All options are my own.

Finn is finally out of prison, which is great. Having no job, no car, and no place to sleep except her cousin’s couch? Not so great. Plus, her felony theft conviction isn’t doing wonders for her employment prospects, so she can’t afford her migraine meds without the public clinic.

The last thing she ever expected was for the gal who stole her heart to come walking down that clinic’s hallway: Vivi, the manicure-loving nurse who spent two years fighting the prison system to get proper medical care for her patients, including Finn.

Finn could never believe she imagined the attraction and affection between them. But acting on that in prison, especially as nurse and patient, had been a serious No Way. She’s had eight months to get over Vivi, who abruptly left her job without saying goodbye. Finn is over it. Honest! It’s totally and completely fine.

Except Vivi, here and now, doesn’t seem fine. And Finn couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t try to help.

Is fate offering Finn a second chance? Or is finding love as likely as finding a job with health insurance?

This book will be released December 1, 2020.

This was such a cute novella!

Click here for full, detailed trigger warnings. The main two are discussions of being in prison and exiting the prison system as well as discussions around pregnancy. While it is a fluffy romance, both characters do deal with heavy topic, but it doesn’t bog down the story.

I don’t want this review to just be me going on about how cute the romance was, but it was! Vivi and Finn were so heartfelt, both characters cared deeply for the other and you could tell that neither one of them wanted to mess up their relationship. They recognize that how they initially met wasn’t good for a romantic relationship and don’t want to step over any lines, even though now that they’ve reconnected, they could be together.

Both Vivi being pansexual and Finn being a butch lesbian are both confirmed on page and verbally said by the characters themselves. I’m not going to comment on how “good” the representation was, but there was a lot of different queer identities which I appreciated.

I’m going to cap the review here because it’s a novella so I don’t want to give anything away.

4 stars! If you’re in the market for cute, fluffy f/f romance, definitely preorder this one!

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