Spooky To Watch List | Blogtober Day 16

Inspired by Classyxbook reviews post. They write about spooky adaptations, but I have a mix of adaptations for the season and other

Hilda (2018 – )

This isn’t really spooky, but it has great autumnal vibes. It has some spooky episodes, but overall, it’s not a creepy kid’s show. I haven’t read the graphic novel, but I do know it’s based on a graphic novel series.

I have watched the first season (and do recommend it), so this is on here because I’m excited for the second season and apparent movie we’re getting!

Practical Magic (1998)

I can only handle this being the comp for SO MANY TITLES without needing to watch it. All I know is that it’s about sisters who are witches and just about every witchy book that is about magic and families uses this as a comp.

The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Look… I had no interest in this series when it initially came out, but then I read the book and even though I’m a baby, I want to watch this. Or, I might just watch Bly Manor because apparently it’s a little less horrifying.

Count Dracula (1970)

I have never seen a Dracula film, so once I finish the book (which I just started yesterday), I’ll finally watch a Dracula film. This version has Christopher Lee and it’s at my disposal, so that will be the one I watch first.

The Craft (1996)

This is the other witchy movie used for comps that I’ve never seen before. I think it’s about witches who are friends, and that’s all I know about it.

What spooky films/TV shows do you like? Which ones do you want to watch?

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