Wayward Children series (#1-5) | Book Reviews

We’re doing something different today! The most recent books I have read have been the Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire. Because they’re short, I feel I can’t write too long of a review without getting into spoilers, so I’ll be quickly reviewing books 1-5.

This is a still continuing series of novellas set around a boarding school for children who have been displaced from the fantasy worlds where they feel the most normal.

Every Heart a Doorway

This was such a good introduction to the series and world. I just, love Nancy so goddamn much, best pick for protagonist.

The asexual rep (and maybe aromantic rep? I can’t tell)? And the trans man side character? And the murder mystery? I just love this book with my whole heart.

This one I have read twice and I’d forgotten that this has so many amazing lines.

4.5 stars!

Down Among the Sticks and Bones

This one is the backstory for Jack and Jill! I loved this horror-movie-set world. It evokes every old-timey horror movie like Frankenstein or Dracula. My one thing is I would have rather had at least one look into their early life at the Moors. Otherwise, it was so good, going into their life at home and then why they had to leave the Moors.

TW/spoilers: one gay character is killed but it is implied she can be brought back to life (thanks to Frankenstein-like world).

4 stars!

Beneath the Sugar Sky

This one is set after Every Heart a Doorway. We love a good adventure with an amazing cast! This time we got to see more than one world and see what happens when people not called to these worlds interact with them. Such amazing imagery, McGuire is a true wordsmith.

(Also, there was an interaction between two characters that set my pining/longing heart aflutter!)

4 stars!

In an Absent Dream

Another backstory novella, this one is Lundy’s experience with her door. This was surprisingly good. It focuses on the Goblin Market and yeah, it focuses on the market more than the apparent adventures, but I wasn’t as annoyed as other people. The point of Lundy’s call to the door IS the Goblin Market, with logic and rules.

My one complaint was that one character who is slightly integral to the plot is introduced and dies off-page. I think if nothing else, that character should’ve been introduced on page.

4 stars!

Come Tumbling Down

Another adventure after Beneath the Sugar Sky! I listened to the audiobook for this one, read by the author. She’s not your normal audiobook narrator, but her reading Rimi’s dialogue? Made it even funnier.

A lot of people thought it was rushed, but I was just enthralled and wanted all of these characters to be okay.

4.5 stars, second fave of the series!

Have you read this series? Which is your favorite novella? Are you hype for Across the Green Grass Fields? Let me know in the comments!

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