Switchback | Book Review

*I received this ARC in a giveaway from a fellow book blogger. This does not affect my review of it.

Ash loves video games and people but hates the outdoors. Vale loves the outdoors but hates people. A mandatory Phys Ed hike to the mountains forces both friends out of their comfort zones.

But a sudden October snowstorm separates them from their classmates and they are forced to work together in the Canadian wilderness until help arrives.

SWITCHBACK by Danika Stone comes out May 28th.

It’s been forever since I read a survivalist story. I think the last time I read one was middle school and I had no idea there was a wider sub-genre for YA survival stories.

Anyway, this novel isn’t… the greatest. Like, overall, average book. Plot wise it was alright, there was enough twists for a decent amount of suspense.

However, the characters were just, personally unrelatable and I’m not sure if it’s just my age compared to these 16-year-olds, but I just didn’t connect. It also didn’t help that the dialogue was bad.

My God, Ash had the worst dialogue. Like, I understand the premise of “outdoorsy person and person who hates the outdoors must survive the outdoors” but the “gamer talk” was embarrassing. He had no common sense and basic nature things (like fog in trees) made him go “It’S LiKe A vIdEo GaMe!!” The best part of the book was reading the weird gamer dialogue to my boyfriend, who plays way more video games than I do and enjoying his reactions.

Vale was way better, but just some of her phrasings were weird. Teenagers are supposed to read this and relate to these 16-year-olds but they can’t do that when this “gamer” says the most inane, unironic things.

Like… YouTube is free… Twitch is free… there are plenty of teenagers making videos and streaming on the internet for you to understand how they talk.

Also, Vale is aro-ace and is very clear about it in text. I can’t speak for the rep but I’ve so far seen good things from ownvoices reviews.

I would give this 3 stars because it was average overall, but the terrible dialogue bumps this down to a 2 out of 5 star rating.

Have you read SWITCHBACK? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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